How to Complete the Tell the Bell Survey is the official survey URL for the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey and a portal for you to voice your feedback. Taco Bell also offers its valuable and loyal customers a chance to win $ 500 in cash for participants who provide feedback for the betterment of tellthebell services. Tellthebell sweepstakes are very popular among its customers and tellthebell winners are commonly known as tell the bell winners via tellthebell survey.

TacoBell Printable Coupon

Tell Taco Bell Customer Survey gave the amazing opportunity to Win $ 500 Cash. The limited entries are available candidates visit and filling in all required details and submitting entries before the last date.

How to Complete the Tell the Bell Survey

and enter the Taco Bell sweepstakes.
After your meal at Taco Bell, keep hold of your receipt, or take note of the 16-digit survey code on the back before discarding it. Then, visit the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey website at, enter your unique survey code in the box provided, and click on the ‘Start’ button to begin.

From there, you will need to go through the various questions about the customer experience you were met with while eating at Taco Bell. For example, you may be asked to rate your overall satisfaction with your visit, with the available options ranging from ‘highly satisfied’ through to ‘highly dissatisfied’.

You are also likely to be asked much more specific questions about your visit, with typical questions revolving around the speed of service, the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the accuracy of your order, the friendliness of the staff, and whether or not you encounter any problems during the visit.

Most of the questions will be multiple-choice, but you may occasionally be asked to enter more detailed thoughts. As you advance through the survey, the progress bar at the bottom will show you how much of the survey you have completed.

In the end, you will be asked for contact details, then will be automatically entered into the prize draw. Remember to enter a valid contact email address.

Rewards for the Tellthebell Customer Survey

If you have already participated in such surveys for some other companies, then I am quite sure you will be aware of the fact that most of the companies do not offer any kind of reward to their customers for just reviews.


When you participate in the Taco bell Tell the bell survey, you will get a free entry into the sweepstakes program. In the Sweepstakes program, there are slots available and that will be booked for you. Later on, a particular customer will be announced as the TelltheBell survey winner, who will win a prize of $ 500.

The customer will be informed within 2 or 3 days after the results via the mail address they have provided during registration. After receiving the mail, they will be asked to come to the office with documents related to their age and proof of address. After providing them with the documents, they will be giving you the $ 500 check in your name.

  • Rewards – $ 500 In Checks
  • Validity – 20 days after the results have been declared
  • Required Age – 18 years and above
  • Language – English, and Spanish
  • Website –

As soon as you participate in the survey, the sun will be going to avail of the benefit available. They are available with a lucrative reward which will excite you. Also, the terms changes with time. Thus, you need to be aware that the offer you have availed of is valid or not.

How to Download Hotstar for PC

Looking for a link to download Hotstar for PC? Well, if the answer is yes, then we are here to help you out. As you already know the fact that you can access Hotstar via your desktop browser. However, there is no dedicated desktop app available for Hotstar. So the question is, how can we get hotstar download for pc?

download hotstar for pc

Hotstar is also one of the famous live streaming applications and has many advanced features for its users. Because of its high-quality service, this app made millions of users around the world. Especially in India Hotstar is one of the famous TV applications for watching live cricket sports events and TV channels. Hotstar for PC supports most of the Indian languages and programs.

Free Online TV from India

One of those applications is Hotstar, the audiovisual contents of which are focused on India, offering its users series, movies, television programs, and live or pre-recorded sports broadcasts. Once you download its APK, you’ll be able to appreciate that it comes along with an eye-catching and intuitive design that allows us to play certain contents via streaming and also download them to be able to watch them offline.

These are the main features of this app:

  • Watch movies, TV series, television programs, sports such as the cricket IPL, the English Premier League or the German Bundesliga.
  • Download contents with different video qualities to be watched offline instead of online.
  • Let the app recommend content or use its internal search tool to find what you’re looking for.
  • Sign up as a user with your email account or with Facebook and create your own favourite lists.
  • Finally, we have to point out that the app doesn’t seem legal and that you don’t have to worry about the language because comes along in English.

Steps to install Hotstar on PC Windows and Mac

hotstar for pc

  • First of all, I need to download the Android Emulator software for your PC. There are many Android emulators software available out there but we suggest our readers use BlueStacks.
  • Go to the official website of BlueStacks and download BlueStacks for Windows on Mac PC.
  • Now install the downloaded BlueStacks file on your PC. The installation of BlueStacks may take few minutes depends on your computer performance. Wait until the installation process completes.
  • Once the installation completes you need to open the BlueStacks Android Emulator and search for the Google Play Store app.
  • Now you need to enter your Gmail account details to get complete access to the Google Play Store app.
  • Open the Google Play Store app and type “Hotstar” in the top search bar.
  • From the search result shown on the screen select the Hotstar app and click on the install button.
  • Now the Hotstar app will automatically download and start installing on your PC/laptop.
  • That’s it now you can see the Hotstar icon on BlueStacks home screen. Open the Hotstar app and watch your favourite TV shows, movies, or live sports events.

Peryourhealth Pay your Bill Online

Peryourhealth is an online medical bill payment portal, This is U.S Based Company and only US Citizens can avail of its services. Anyone can pay their medical bill very easily without standing in a long queue. It saves huge time and helps the people. You can check your previous transaction history anytime. The peryourhealth portal is fast, secure and extremely safe for online transactions.

peryourhealth site

PerYourHealth is one of the leading medical billing portals in the United States. Widely used in the United States to pay patient medical bills. The below screenshot shows the regions in the united states where most of the people using the PerYourHealth for payments according to the google trends. It was designed and handled by Change Health care which is a leading independent healthcare technology company that provides solutions and services to help improve clinical, financial, and patient engagement outcomes.

PerYourHealth – Payment Methods

PerYourHealth allows you to pay the medical bills online. You can make the payment in two methods i.e. either in online mode or via phone. Before making a payment at PerYourHealth, just make sure that your health care provider accepts it.

Online Payment

If you opt for the online payment, then follow these steps to pay your medical bills:

  • Visit the official website of PerYourHealth i.e.
  • Enter your registered user id, if you are a registered user and login to your account by clicking on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Enter your account number, if you are NOT a registered user. (The account number of bill statement is required to gather details about the patient and bill. When you will enter the account number of the bill, the portal will fetch all the basic and required details from that account number then further you can proceed with bill payment)
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • Fill up the required details.
  • Enter the valid email address and make sure that your health care provider accepts the payment through PayYourHealth.
  • After that, click ‘Submit’ to proceed.
  • You will be taken to the Payment page.
  • There you need to choose the payment options i.e. net banking/credit card/debit card.
  • Enter the required details to pay the bill.
  • Confirm all the details and proceed with payment by clicking on ‘Pay’.
  • Once you have done with the payment, you will receive the confirmation on your email.

Payment via Phone

If you want to pay your bill via phone, then follow these steps to pay your medical bills

peryourhealth portal

  • First, make sure that your health care provider accepts the payment.
  • To pay via phone, you need to use phone bill payment service of PerYourHealth. That is, you need to make a call at 888-442-8447.
  • Dail the number.
  • Then you are requested to provide the account number which is available on the medical statement/billing statement.
  • Enter the account number via phone keypad.
  • Once the payment proceeds with the account number, you are requested to choose the payment option.
  • Choose the option i.e. net banking / credit card / debit card.
  • Immediately after that, enter the payment details like card number, expiry date, etc.
  • Once the payment is done, you will receive the SMS of a successful transaction.

Hexoskin Smart Shirts can Monitor Breathing

At MIT they have developed a type of sensors integrated into clothing that allow us to measure some vital parameters. With them, it is possible to take records of body temperature, breathing or heart rate. These sensors consist of bands encapsulated in a type of resin and placed in the narrow channels of the tissue. These channels have open parts, which allow the sensors to come into contact with the skin. This is how they obtain their data.

Hexoskin Smart Shirts

The team originally designed a shirt with 30 sensors built into the clothing. This they combined with an accelerometer that could measure the person’s movement, heart rate, and breathing. And all the information can be sent wirelessly to a smartphone. In order to make monitoring easy.

These sensors built into clothing can be machine washed with the garment. The goal is for them to be modified to suit each person. And it is that they have to stick to the body in order to collect the data. Its application can range from the simple recognition of personal health to medical purposes.

The use of garments of this type has already been raised in hospitals, in fact. In these centres, vital parameters must be strictly controlled on many occasions. But this task is done with equipment that needs to be connected to the body by cables. The use of sensors integrated into clothing would eliminate the use of these cables.

Sensors in tissues

The development of MIT is not the first. Nor will it be the last, in all probability. Well, this field is still under exploration. There are already some types of flexible sensors, prepared to withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees and a weight of 70 kilos.

And the idea of ​​connecting these sensors to the smartphone is not new either. This formula has been tried several times before. But the MIT development is based on a new material that allows clothes to be worn comfortably on a daily basis.

Leptitox Review 2020 -Pros & Cons Of Leptitox

Leptitox is a weight-loss support supplement. It is the first dietary weight loss supplement that has come with whole information. Its manufacturers Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes told people all about it on official platforms. Leptitox Diet Pill is a fat-burner. Our bodies need energy and the body (by default) burns carbohydrates (from our meals) and boosts the energy levels. Leptitox is a tested and proven dietary supplement that completely pitch the cause of resistance to belly fat and Leptin – and both are crucial factors of obesity and poor weight loss results.

Leptitox Review 2020

This supplement was initially manufactured by MORGAN HURST who used plant extracts in his product which is all-natural and will speed up fat burning and weight loss without any significant side effects or unpleasant feelings.

What Is Leptitox and How Can It Help You?

As mentioned before, weight loss supplements are often the answer to many people who are tired of trying different diets and exercises. For the people suffering from leptin resistance and for those who struggle with weight issues in general, Leptitox supplement may be helpful and you can follow Leptitox Reviews 2020 to lose the weight.

Leptitox is an all-natural weight loss supplement that can help you lose pounds, be healthy overall, and achieve the fitness goal that seemed impossible to you. By taking one capsule of the supplement per day, you can see your stubborn fat around your stomach disappearing. Leptitox comes with no side effects; it is formulated using only natural and safe ingredients.

How Does Leptitox Work?

When you take Leptitox, the various ingredients work to remove those harmful toxins that are causing leptin resistance. Over time, your body will start to recognize the leptins again. As a result, your body will start to understand the messages being received by the hormones and react accordingly. You may start to naturally lose weight faster as your body adjusts its food intake and energy usage. When paired with regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can get to your goal weight and continue to maintain it.

Leptitox Reviews


  • All-natural ingredients
  • No stimulants
  • Improves hormone production
  • Leads to natural and healthy weight loss
  • Can help you maintain weight loss once you have reached your goal
  • Detoxifies the body of harmful toxins
  • May naturally increase metabolism
  • Can reduce hunger
  • May improve kidney and liver function
  • Improves circulation


  • Results will vary based on genetics and biological function
  • Only available to purchase online
  • Will not benefit those with other underlying medical issues that are causing weight gain

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

The MAP-1 disinfectant, developed in Hong Kong, allows the disinfection of surfaces with a lasting effect: up to three months they would be free of pathogens. Research has not emerged as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Much less has the product appeared just now after a few weeks of work. The MAP-1 disinfectant, as its creators have called it, is the result of work that the University of Hong Kong has carried out for a decade.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

It is a durable disinfectant capable of cleaning surfaces and keeping them clean for 90 days. The product offers antiviral protection during those three months and has already been tested. In fact, this May it was on sale in Hong Kong. Most likely, marketing trials did not use coronavirus. But later it has been used in the region against this pathogen.

The trials have been carried out in hospitals and in nursing homes. And with these results, his sales certificate was approved in February. But the researchers note that MAP-1 has also been used in some low-income homes in Hong Kong, as well as in schools and shopping malls.

MAP-1 consists of nanocapsules containing different disinfectants. These are effective in removing bacteria and viruses even when the spray layer has dried. Furthermore, the mixture is non-toxic and not harmful to the skin or the environment, according to the researchers.

A new habit

In the world that remains after the pandemic will settle some habits that were previously alien to us. Some of them have to do with personal hygiene and health. But others correspond to a public sphere. Here disinfection will be a constant in the months ahead.

We have seen it in Asian countries, where the epidemic struck first. Street disinfection tasks have proliferated in China. All kinds of means have been used there, including drones that spray a hygienic solution. But also autonomous vans, which comb the asphalt without the help of any driver. And is that the absence of people in these tasks has been a perpetual ambition. After all, one of the objectives is to avoid exposure to the virus.

Other types of disinfection methods have also emerged. One of which is based on ultraviolet light. It is a formula that had already been proposed for use in hospitals. Now, with the urgency of the situation, his employment has accelerated in some medical centres. Although at the street level its use is more complex.

Smart Homes of the Future Connected and Digital home

The smart home has come to make our home more functional, connected and simple, allowing us to enjoy new devices, services and family experiences. A smart home is one that has state-of-the-art connected devices and services that simplify household tasks and allow you to optimize and streamline certain processes. Within it, inevitably, new forms and experiences arise to enjoy thanks to technology.

Smart Homes

We have spent years watching how the cinema shows us smart houses, robots that accompany us around the house or kitchens that directly make us food. But, the truth is that far from being something of “fiction”, smart homes are here to stay and, in fact, they have been acclimatizing to our lives for a season. At this point, more than “having” to get used to the changes, what is difficult for us on many occasions is to remember those times where they did not exist and did not make life easier for us, although that is another story.

As a result of innovation and its commitment to customers, the case of Telefónica is very interesting. From the beginning, the company has led the technological transformation bringing the telephone, the fibre or the television packages to the homes, always betting on improving them and making them more connected and being more efficient. At this point, the Digital Home emerges, a much smarter home made up of services, products, equipment and experiences for all its customers.

Devices that enhance the Digital Home

Another of the most interesting aspects of the smart home is the devices that compose it. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming to discover all the great amount that exists, but the truth is that, when you have them, you no longer remember what your daily life was like without them.

Some may be more technical, as in the case of Movistar, with the Smart WiFi Router (the most advanced on the market) or the Smart WiFi Amplifier to connect you in those areas where the signal does not arrive. Regarding television, we can obtain higher image quality through the Movistar UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder, with which you will be familiar if you enjoy Movistar + at home.

And it is in this last environment, that of television, where we find another essential trend for the connected home: voice devices. First came Movistar Home, the Smart device, which allowed us to access entertainment and perform tasks or queries with the voice, thanks to the cognitive capabilities of Aura, Movistar’s Virtual Assistant. Through a couple of voice commands, we were able to see how easy it was to check the weather, listen to a podcast, turn on the lights in the house, make video calls between Movistar Home devices or enjoy exclusive content on television.

Shortly afterwards, the Movistar + Voice Command came to our homes, which taught us that our relationship with television could be even better by being able to press the Aura button to request a recommendation, search for content (by genres, titles or by function). of the actor/actress or director), change channels without pointing to the decoder thanks to Bluetooth technology and move through the controls of the television when we are in the dark, thanks to the backlit buttons.

Services to have greater control, security and privacy

Services are a fundamental pillar for having a smart home. Thanks to them, we have greater control over our expenses, as in the case of Mi Movistar, which has won over clients for the steps it allows to carry out: from consulting expenses in a detailed way to activating promotions or contracting services. There are also those that make your day-to-day life easier for you, such as Movistar Cloud, Movistar’s free storage service. Through this unlimited storage service, users can save all content in the cloud, easily and intuitively, or Movistar Money, an online loan of up to € 4,000 that is effective in 24 or 48 hours.

Services and security

But we also find other services focused on improving home security such as Movistar Prosegur, from which you can have your home protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, speaking of security, we also find services such as Secure Connection that seek to protect Movistar network browsing without installing apps on devices, instantly blocking malware and phishing threats that you may have while browsing the Internet. O Qustodio, which establishes limits of responsible Internet connection use for your children, blocking inappropriate or dangerous content, warning you when they connect from any device, among other things.

Can Pollination Drones Replace Butterflies and Bees

Due to the climatic situation of our planet, bees may be at risk of disappearing and consequently, the pollination process may be compromised. Given these facts, drones have begun to take centre stage in this area.

Pollination Drones

The drones are a tool that has been used in various fields and particularly during these months of the global pandemic by the COVID-19. Before this, autonomous robots had a leading role as deliverymen and rangers among others.

Faced with climate change and human intervention in habitats, many pollinating animals are in an atypical situation since they make it difficult for them to prosper and may even disappear in a matter of years. In short, plants depend on animals like bees to produce fruit, but given the situation, bees have gradually decreased.

For many experts, the loss of bees is a global crisis and therefore an artificial pollination method is needed. This is when the use of drones comes into the picture.

Using Soap Bubbles

Because of this situation, the scientific community has been creating robots capable of pollinating. One of these measures is bee drones that distribute pollen-laden soap bubbles to promote artificial pollination.

This drone features a bubble gun with a pollen solution. The bubble shells are fired into an orchard and thus pollinate the flowers as the bubbles appear on the surface.

The researchers tested five different substances to see which solution was more effective in increasing the propagation properties of the liquid. The best option was Lauramidopropyl betaine, a substance that behaves like soap and creates stable bubbles and facilitates the growth of pollen. With this substance, each bubble contains 2,000 grains of pollen.

This artificially pollinated drone had a 90% success rate and could implant the pollen bubbles from a height of two meters and at a speed of two meters per second.

The creators of this robot explain that the activity of the pollen in the soap bubbles remained stable for three hours compared to other products that lost its effectiveness in a short time.

Eijiro Miyako, the author of the study, explained that “the soap bubble allows effective pollination and ensures that the quality of the fruits is the same as with traditional pollination”.

It may seem like a very effective solution to alleviate this climate crisis, but there is much room for improvement because the bubbles are vulnerable to weather conditions. That is, the bubbles disappear when there is wind or rain.

Free Online Tools for Working with PDF Documents

PDF documents are ideal for scanning, sharing, and reading paper. But editing it is more complicated. Luckily, there are online solutions for everyone. Thanks to the Internet we can find small online tools that serve to carry out specific tasks. Important at any given time, but that you will use very few times. For example, if you need to split a video in two, why buy professional video editing software? You are looking for a free online alternative, period.

PDF documents

Surely you have found yourself in that situation many times. Fix a photograph, compress a file, change the format of audio … Or edit PDF documents. The PDF document is very practical for digitizing and sharing documents, but editing it is more complicated.

That is why free online services such as PDF24 Tools, a collection of small functions to do everything with PDF files or documents, proliferate on the network. Let’s see what you can do more specifically.

28 tasks for PDF documents

There are frequent tasks when you receive a PDF document that you cannot always carry out since it requires external tools. PDF24 Tools collect them so you can access them from the web browser, without registration and for free.

Among the most common is the one to compress PDF, especially when there are many images. This makes a large document, difficult to send, to be shared by email.

More tasks with PDF documents that you usually need on rare occasions but that are no less important: join two PDFs, divide a PDF into two or more parts, delete specific pages, order disordered pages, include page numbers.

Other tasks that PDF24 Tools provide when dealing with PDF documents have to do with your security. For example, you can add a password so that the PDF is read-only by whoever has said password. It is also possible to add a watermark to record the ownership of the document.

The scope of formats also has a place in this collection of tools. You can, for example, convert images to PDF or vice versa, extract graphic content from a PDF document, convert DOCX, XLSX or PPTX documents to PDF, etc.

Finally, PDF24 Tools will also help you sign PDF documents and include annotations. In short, a good compendium of tools to turn to when you need them. Free, without registration and available in any browser.

As an extra, these tools are also collected in a desktop version of PDF24 Tools that you can download for Windows. It is also free, it is called PDF24 Creator and it will be useful if you are going to need those tools frequently.

The most important task: Protect all your documents

One of the most important aspects when managing your documents is making sure that they are protected. In this regard, there are two tools to help you send files safely. First of all, with Metashield Analyzer, you can clean up metadata analysis wherever you are. Metadata is information hidden in your files that can expose sensitive or private information. With this free tool, you just have to “scan” your files (it supports a large amount such as .docx .xlsx .pptx .ppsx .doc .xls .ppt .pps .pdf .jpg) before sending them through this link.

Second, we will analyze that our files are free of malware. At that point, the DAILY tool will help you analyze your PDFs or Office files while respecting the privacy of the content. This detection system based on Machine Learning is intelligent and has been created to cover those gaps that are most difficult for antivirus to cover so that it complements the latter, not replaces them. In addition, the analysis is really fast when it comes to checking if you can suffer an attack.

How to use it? You can use it well through the web page, where you must drag the file to receive the analysis, protecting the document information at all times. Install the mail plugin, to be able to send attachments safely.

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