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Free Online Tools for Working with PDF Documents

PDF documents are ideal for scanning, sharing, and reading paper. But editing it is more complicated. Luckily, there are online solutions for everyone. Thanks to the Internet we can find small online tools that serve to carry out specific tasks. Important at any given time, but that you will use very few times. For example, if you need to split a video in two, why buy professional video editing software? You are looking for a free online alternative, period.

PDF documents

Surely you have found yourself in that situation many times. Fix a photograph, compress a file, change the format of audio … Or edit PDF documents. The PDF document is very practical for digitizing and sharing documents, but editing it is more complicated.

That is why free online services such as PDF24 Tools, a collection of small functions to do everything with PDF files or documents, proliferate on the network. Let’s see what you can do more specifically.

28 tasks for PDF documents

There are frequent tasks when you receive a PDF document that you cannot always carry out since it requires external tools. PDF24 Tools collect them so you can access them from the web browser, without registration and for free.

Among the most common is the one to compress PDF, especially when there are many images. This makes a large document, difficult to send, to be shared by email.

More tasks with PDF documents that you usually need on rare occasions but that are no less important: join two PDFs, divide a PDF into two or more parts, delete specific pages, order disordered pages, include page numbers.

Other tasks that PDF24 Tools provide when dealing with PDF documents have to do with your security. For example, you can add a password so that the PDF is read-only by whoever has said password. It is also possible to add a watermark to record the ownership of the document.

The scope of formats also has a place in this collection of tools. You can, for example, convert images to PDF or vice versa, extract graphic content from a PDF document, convert DOCX, XLSX or PPTX documents to PDF, etc.

Finally, PDF24 Tools will also help you sign PDF documents and include annotations. In short, a good compendium of tools to turn to when you need them. Free, without registration and available in any browser.

As an extra, these tools are also collected in a desktop version of PDF24 Tools that you can download for Windows. It is also free, it is called PDF24 Creator and it will be useful if you are going to need those tools frequently.

The most important task: Protect all your documents

One of the most important aspects when managing your documents is making sure that they are protected. In this regard, there are two tools to help you send files safely. First of all, with Metashield Analyzer, you can clean up metadata analysis wherever you are. Metadata is information hidden in your files that can expose sensitive or private information. With this free tool, you just have to “scan” your files (it supports a large amount such as .docx .xlsx .pptx .ppsx .doc .xls .ppt .pps .pdf .jpg) before sending them through this link.

Second, we will analyze that our files are free of malware. At that point, the DAILY tool will help you analyze your PDFs or Office files while respecting the privacy of the content. This detection system based on Machine Learning is intelligent and has been created to cover those gaps that are most difficult for antivirus to cover so that it complements the latter, not replaces them. In addition, the analysis is really fast when it comes to checking if you can suffer an attack.

How to use it? You can use it well through the web page, where you must drag the file to receive the analysis, protecting the document information at all times. Install the mail plugin, to be able to send attachments safely.

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