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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

The MAP-1 disinfectant, developed in Hong Kong, allows the disinfection of surfaces with a lasting effect: up to three months they would be free of pathogens. Research has not emerged as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Much less has the product appeared just now after a few weeks of work. The MAP-1 disinfectant, as its creators have called it, is the result of work that the University of Hong Kong has carried out for a decade.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

It is a durable disinfectant capable of cleaning surfaces and keeping them clean for 90 days. The product offers antiviral protection during those three months and has already been tested. In fact, this May it was on sale in Hong Kong. Most likely, marketing trials did not use coronavirus. But later it has been used in the region against this pathogen.

The trials have been carried out in hospitals and in nursing homes. And with these results, his sales certificate was approved in February. But the researchers note that MAP-1 has also been used in some low-income homes in Hong Kong, as well as in schools and shopping malls.

MAP-1 consists of nanocapsules containing different disinfectants. These are effective in removing bacteria and viruses even when the spray layer has dried. Furthermore, the mixture is non-toxic and not harmful to the skin or the environment, according to the researchers.

A new habit

In the world that remains after the pandemic will settle some habits that were previously alien to us. Some of them have to do with personal hygiene and health. But others correspond to a public sphere. Here disinfection will be a constant in the months ahead.

We have seen it in Asian countries, where the epidemic struck first. Street disinfection tasks have proliferated in China. All kinds of means have been used there, including drones that spray a hygienic solution. But also autonomous vans, which comb the asphalt without the help of any driver. And is that the absence of people in these tasks has been a perpetual ambition. After all, one of the objectives is to avoid exposure to the virus.

Other types of disinfection methods have also emerged. One of which is based on ultraviolet light. It is a formula that had already been proposed for use in hospitals. Now, with the urgency of the situation, his employment has accelerated in some medical centres. Although at the street level its use is more complex.

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