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Smart Homes of the Future Connected and Digital home

The smart home has come to make our home more functional, connected and simple, allowing us to enjoy new devices, services and family experiences. A smart home is one that has state-of-the-art connected devices and services that simplify household tasks and allow you to optimize and streamline certain processes. Within it, inevitably, new forms and experiences arise to enjoy thanks to technology.

Smart Homes

We have spent years watching how the cinema shows us smart houses, robots that accompany us around the house or kitchens that directly make us food. But, the truth is that far from being something of “fiction”, smart homes are here to stay and, in fact, they have been acclimatizing to our lives for a season. At this point, more than “having” to get used to the changes, what is difficult for us on many occasions is to remember those times where they did not exist and did not make life easier for us, although that is another story.

As a result of innovation and its commitment to customers, the case of Telefónica is very interesting. From the beginning, the company has led the technological transformation bringing the telephone, the fibre or the television packages to the homes, always betting on improving them and making them more connected and being more efficient. At this point, the Digital Home emerges, a much smarter home made up of services, products, equipment and experiences for all its customers.

Devices that enhance the Digital Home

Another of the most interesting aspects of the smart home is the devices that compose it. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming to discover all the great amount that exists, but the truth is that, when you have them, you no longer remember what your daily life was like without them.

Some may be more technical, as in the case of Movistar, with the Smart WiFi Router (the most advanced on the market) or the Smart WiFi Amplifier to connect you in those areas where the signal does not arrive. Regarding television, we can obtain higher image quality through the Movistar UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder, with which you will be familiar if you enjoy Movistar + at home.

And it is in this last environment, that of television, where we find another essential trend for the connected home: voice devices. First came Movistar Home, the Smart device, which allowed us to access entertainment and perform tasks or queries with the voice, thanks to the cognitive capabilities of Aura, Movistar’s Virtual Assistant. Through a couple of voice commands, we were able to see how easy it was to check the weather, listen to a podcast, turn on the lights in the house, make video calls between Movistar Home devices or enjoy exclusive content on television.

Shortly afterwards, the Movistar + Voice Command came to our homes, which taught us that our relationship with television could be even better by being able to press the Aura button to request a recommendation, search for content (by genres, titles or by function). of the actor/actress or director), change channels without pointing to the decoder thanks to Bluetooth technology and move through the controls of the television when we are in the dark, thanks to the backlit buttons.

Services to have greater control, security and privacy

Services are a fundamental pillar for having a smart home. Thanks to them, we have greater control over our expenses, as in the case of Mi Movistar, which has won over clients for the steps it allows to carry out: from consulting expenses in a detailed way to activating promotions or contracting services. There are also those that make your day-to-day life easier for you, such as Movistar Cloud, Movistar’s free storage service. Through this unlimited storage service, users can save all content in the cloud, easily and intuitively, or Movistar Money, an online loan of up to € 4,000 that is effective in 24 or 48 hours.

Services and security

But we also find other services focused on improving home security such as Movistar Prosegur, from which you can have your home protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, speaking of security, we also find services such as Secure Connection that seek to protect Movistar network browsing without installing apps on devices, instantly blocking malware and phishing threats that you may have while browsing the Internet. O Qustodio, which establishes limits of responsible Internet connection use for your children, blocking inappropriate or dangerous content, warning you when they connect from any device, among other things.

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